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WT 2013 (250 NYg) – GeorgeTown : Mantis !

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Après LousyLoserJB , voici notre 3e champion de New York Gilou Set Up ! Après un bon verre de Rome, le voici de retour, j’ai nommé : Mantis !!! Le tout, in English !!! 😉

Gilou : Is your first victory in WT ?
Mantis : It is my 2nd win of the year, I was also victorious in Rome, still winning this title was very nice!!

Gilou : What do you feel about winning this tournament ?
Mantis : It was a quick one, but still took both luck and skill, so overall it was a good feeling.

Gilou : What is your think about this tournament ?
Mantis : It was a little different than most, I enjoy the NYg variant, as it seems to decrease the luck of the initial draw a little, as most round 1 draws lead to 7 suspects, without the ability to isolate someone in 1.1, while NY tends to vary much more. It was also unique it that it was my first time advancing with 7 points. Things were tough in pool play, but thanks to fantomas’s dominance, 7 was enough for me to get by.

Gilou : Who was the hardest Match (or opponent) ? And why ???
Mantis : Well, fantomas won both matches in pool play, so it’s hard to argue anything else. I played similarly as inspector in most of my games, just in his game at 3.1 there were 3 suspects in the dark and I could either accuse Smith or make a move to prevent the other 2 from escaping…over many games 2 is better than 1, but not in this case. Fortunately he also won both games over lyuda, helping me advance in 2nd.

Gilou : If I tell you « GeorgeTown ? », what does it mean ???
Mantis : Being from the USA, I immediately think of the college/town near Washington D.C., which I’ve visited several times. Since this is in New York zone I guess we could be talking about this Georgetown, but I’m guessing the reference is actually to the capital of Guyana, but I know very little about that Georgetown.

Gilou : How do you prepare you to the rest of the WT ?
Mantis : Well I’ve got Rome/Standard/500 and Georgetown/NY/250 so it would be awesome to capture Tokyo/Extension/1000 and achieve a triple/triple. I’ve got a challenging pool, so I’ve got to focus and ride some luck just to get out of pool play. Hopefully I can perform well and sneak into the top 8 so I can battle with the big boys in the Masters.

Thank you Mantis to play the game of questions ! And Congratulations for your win in my Set up !!!

Gilou  😉


Written by Gilou

août 31, 2013 à 20:00

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