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WT 2014 (250 NY) – Sao Paolo : Mantis !

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Aller on continue la saison du WT 2014, voici notre Champion, j’ai nommé : Mantis !!! Le tout, in English !!! 😉

Gilou : Is your first victory in WT ?
Mantis It was my 2nd of the year and 5th overall. Just my 2nd WT500, which makes it a little more special.

Gilou : What do you feel about winning this tournament ?
Mantis I didn’t think I’d make it out of pool play, so I have to thank baghera and fantomas for splitting their last 2 games as inspector as that was the only possible way for me to advance.

Gilou : What is your think about this tournament ?
Mantis As always, nothing is easy, but it’s always fun. In 1/4’s Salsi ifi is always tough, and I only split the 1st games because I got the right snitch card. Szekeres plays very aggressive as Jack and forced me to make an uneasy early guess, but was fortunate to be right. And garvoo in the finals…we’ll leave that for next question.

Gilou : Who was the hardest Match (or opponent) ? And why ???
Mantis Definitely garvoo, he swept me in pool play, almost keeping me out of the knockout rounds. Then in the finals, I thought he had me beat in the 2nd round. I was very fortunate to escape with a split for Jack’s in the 2nd matchup, and got the speed advantage at the same time.

Gilou : If I tell you « Sao Paolo ? », what does it mean ???
Mantis All these tournaments make me realize how poorly traveled I am, so sadly I can’t say much about it.

Gilou : How do you prepare you to the rest of the WT ?
Mantis I feel like I’m putting a target on my back, so I have to prepare for everyone giving me their best efforts. Which means, I have to think before every move and anticipate what my opponent is thinking.
Gilou : You’re Locked !!! 😉

Thank you Mantis to play the game of questions ! And Congratulations for your win !!!

Gilou  😉


Written by Gilou

mai 6, 2014 à 20:00


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