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WT 2014 (250 Ext) – Jakarta : Mantis !

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Pour continuer la saison du WT 2014 avec un air de déjà vu, voici notre Champion, j’ai nommé : Mantis !!! Le tout, in English !!! 😉

Gilou : Is your first victory in WT ?
Mantis : My 3rd of the year, 6th overall. Gave me titles in all 3 variants for the year, which was a nice accomplishment. 🙂

Gilou : What is your think about this tournament ?
Mantis :It was a very quick tournament with matches being played in only a few days, helped keep me focused so I don’t forget what I’m doing when I login and just do something stupid without looking back at the game!

Gilou : Who was the hardest Match (or opponent) ? And why ???
Mantis : After ArmyFrank won our pool, despite 2 losses to me, revenge was on his mind. It wasn’t to be, but it proved to be a tough finals going 4 games. In the deciding game I had a good setup as Jack (Madame/SHM/Stealthy/Abberline). The combo allowed me to keep 3 suspects including my inital alibi, which was who ArmyFrank eventually went for.

Gilou : If I tell you « Jakarta ? », what does it mean ???
Mantis : I’m not a well traveled individual, so hard to say too much about a place I’ve never been to.

Gilou : How do you prepare you to the rest of the WT ?
Mantis : Just play smart and keep having fun!

Thank you Mantis to play the game of questions ! And Congratulations for your win !!!

Gilou  😉


Written by Gilou

mai 27, 2014 à 20:00


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